LogMX tool and how to use it to view Vendavo log files

My colleague from JetMinds, Jiri Kratochvil, recently showed me a useful tool for viewing logs called LogMX.

LogMX is universal log viewer tool with nice and powerful graphical interface, where you can display log and trace files content and allows you to filters on levels (e.g. INFO, WARNING, …) and include/exclude classes and/or packages. LogMX was designed to read all log and trace formats from local or even remote files.

As we do a lot of Vendavo development in JetMinds, I obviously wanted to test it first on vendavo log file, as this is the most common log file I inspect. I found that before you can display vendavo log file, you need to do a bit of preparation first.

To test it you will need to configure a parser:

  1. Tools \ Options
  2. Click on Add Parser
  3. Enter Parser name – e.g. Vendavo default log parser
  4. Select Log4j pattern Parser tab
  5. Enter Log4j pattern: %d{MM-dd-yy:HH:mm:ss} [%t] %-5p %3c – %m%n  (or other, as specified in you config.properties file).
  6. Click OK 
  7. Open vendavo log file – LogMX should parse the log file now

That’s all.

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