Deployment Tracking Tool

Let me ask you a question. Are you using any kind of a software tool to track deployments of builds, configuration changes (both SW and HW), software updates in your corporate environment?

If so, then can you give some recommendations? If not, would you be interested to use such tool?

Some use cases I foresee:
  • you have multiple HW machines available for your project
  • you release builds every couple weeks or months, builds are from multiple branches (some are planned to be deployed to Production system soon, some are planned only for QA system, for example)
  • in case of Production-level build, the build must follow path Dev -> QA -> Staging -> Production
  • for every build, you need to keep associated files: deployment checklist, release notes, build file etc.
  • every change in the environment should be audited (author, timestamp, etc.)
  • when moving build from environment to environment (QA to staging), it should be possible to easily reuse some of the artifacts (check list, release notes, but possible to change them)
  • this tool should hold all artifacts (documents), links (bug tracker, source code repository, link to build, etc.) 
  • this tool should allow easy collaboration
  • this tool could allow easy creation (editor) of deployment checklists, based on history etc.
  • I could found more and more…

From my experience, there are many projects that require some tool like this. Some projects are using excels stored locally in user machines, some are smarter and are using for example google doc spreadsheet for easy collaboration.


1 komentář: „Deployment Tracking Tool

  1. Tomas 26/10/2011 / 19:35

    We have pretty similar setup as you described above. We have tried several times to come up with a silver bullet solution. But, are still not fully satisfied.

    We end up with having these information spread across several systems. One is an in-house system which displays versions and statuses of different components in all available envs (including production env) – there you can also see the configuration and browse logs. So, it is kind of a configuration management tool.

    And for keeping information mainly used by QA we use wiki. We have a release page for each scheduled release where you can find all necessary info or links to that information (release notes, deployment description, component and interface version, …).

    To se mi líbí

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