How to install SAP HANA studio on Mac OS?

This may be useful for any Mac users who are developing or administering SAP HANA: as you may noticed long time ago Mac version of SAP HANA Studio was available for download here: . Unfortunately, recentlyMac version disappeared and only versions available for download are Windows and Linux versions.

Don’t worry.

You can get most recent version of HANA Studio running on your MacOS easily.

Follow next steps to install SAP HANA Studio on your Mac:

  1. Download Eclipse Kepler from
  2. Unzip and move to Applications folder
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Help -> Install New Software …
  5. Add… to add repository, use this URL:
  6. Use this repository to see available software list
  7. Pick SAP HANA Tools (or more, depending on your needs)
  8. Finish installation (you will be asked to restart Eclipse)
  9. After restart, switch to HANA perspective and you are ready to start!
How to install HANA Studio features to Eclipse Kepler – 1
How to install HANA Studio features to Eclipse Kepler – 2
How to switch to HANA perspective (Eclipse Kepler)

Copy of this post is located here: How to install SAP HANA studio on Mac OS?


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