Well, the news of the day for me (except the sinking Greece;-) ) is vmforce.  Two  innovative companies – Salesforce and VMWare – join forces to build an enterprise java cloud:

Salesforce.com and VMware introduce VMforce—the first enterprise cloud for Java developers . With VMforce, Java developers can build apps that are instantly social and available on mobile devices in real time. And it’s all in the cloud, so there’s no hardware to manage and no software stack to install, patch, tune, or upgrade. Building Java apps on VMforce is easy!

I had not time yet to look deep into details. So I will ask. Can someone explain me what is the major differentiator against Google App Engine and against the current SpringSource offering (SpringSource = part of VMWare) offering called Cloud Foundry?

Looking forward to read your opinion!

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  1. mnagas 28/04/2010 / 07:36

    I tried Google App Engine for Java application once. As far as i understand you can only use some subset from Java like Servlets, jsp and some special kind of datastore – The App Engine datastore is not a traditional relational database.

    But with Cloud Foundry you can use spring, hibernate, mysql database. You can use whatever runs on SpringSource tc Server (Tomcat 6) or Tomcat 5.5.23 and MySQL 5.0.45

    There is a big disadvantage for Google Apps Engine : you have to study new api, change your existing application to be able run it on Google Apps Engine. And that is really bad man 🙂

    To se mi líbí

  2. Jan Pytlík 29/04/2010 / 04:55

    I agree with mnagas. GAE means lot of google api and BigTable. With Cloud Foundry you can use spring, hibernate, mysql database. But I guess only agains Amzon EC2. Partnership of salesforce with vmware acquires physical infrastructure to run their own cloud solutions and become competitor to Oracle, Google, Amazon,…

    To se mi líbí

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